ofnukmapThe Open Food Network UK is excited to announce we are officially live! The announcement comes after the transition of Stroudco Food Hub, a pioneer food hub in Stroud, which seamlessly switched to the platform in May. Stroudco joins Tamar Grow Local and 209 local food producers as the early adopters of The Open Food Network in the UK. To celebrate we offering free training and support to help people join this food revolution.

The Open Food Network UK is an innovative, open source, collaborative software solution to power the food revolution. Built to further the movement for food sovereignty in the UK and around the world, OFN UK is an innovative new social enterprise, built on co-operative principles, supporting change in how our food is produced, distributed and eaten.

The Open Food Network is designed to support new and existing local food enterprise to flourish. OFN UK can:

  • add flexibility to community agriculture projects and box schemes
  • add diversity to food hubs with wholesale functionality
  • add resilience to farmers markets with pre-ordering
  • add revenue streams to producers with an online shopfront
  • streamline administration of local food projects with simple reporting that links with accounting systems
  • support our food system to network, collaborate and GROW

OFN UK is very excited to be able to offer limited  FREE and SUBSIDISED SUPPORT to local food projects serving deprived areas. Two types of support are available:

  1. We have limited funding available for free and subsidised training, support and bespoke development for groups that clearly demonstrate their support to disadvantaged communities.
  2. We have an experienced fundraiser who can support groups working in areas of disadvantage to raise the funds they need to build their local food enterprise.

We are asking anyone interested in applying for this support to fill in this form and submit it before June 30th.  We will then shortlist and make a final decision by mid-July.

For more details please contact hello[at]openfoodnetwork.org.uk