Explaining the value of CSAs to new customers

Image shows a selection of fruit, vegetables and eggs contained in a CSA box

Community supported agriculture schemes have multiple benefits, but starting a new CSA presents some challenges. One of these challenges is communicating the value of CSAs to new customers, as some people struggle to see the value in broad terms – rather than just the focus on a food per dollar value that some new customers might bring to the experience.

When the Beechworth Food Co-op started a new fresh produce CSA box scheme, they sent a letter to the members explaining the value of the scheme. Check out their letter on the Open Food Network’s public library.

Check out how Colin and Sally’s grass-fed organic lamb and beef explain their CSA Share system.

See how Transition Farm explain the CSA model to their customers.

Read the Jonai Farms explanation of their CSA model.

SAGE Farmers’ Market ran a series of blog posts about the price of food – not just in dollars, but also in other impacts – and what the difference between prices at their market and from other outlets meant.

Totally Local created a manifesto which some community food enterprises have adapted and used to convey some of the values of participating in a more local food system.

Do you have advice on how to communicate the value of CSAs to new customers? Or resources you’d recommend? Join the conversation about this topic on the Australian Fair Food Forum to help others learn from your experience.