Private Shopfront

If you don’t want your shopfront to be visible to the public, or for anybody to be able to place an order with you, you can set your shop to be only visible to your known customers. This feature is useful for those operating membership based coops, or wholesale shops. When you opt to have a private shopfront, only customers whose email is on your Customer list will be able to login and view your shop and place an order.

To set this up, you should first maintain your Customer list.


The list will include all customers who have previously placed an order in your shop. You can also add customers manually, at the bottom of the list. Then in future, if they come to shop with you, they’ll be permitted.

Add new customer

You can also delete customers who you no longer want to be able to see your shop.

After updating your customer list, you can set your shopfront to private. Go to your enterprise settings > Shop Preferences and select ‘visible to registered customers only‘.

Now customers will be prompted to login before they can see your shop, and only those on your customer list will be permitted into the shop.

Login required message

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