Transferring ownership of a profile

There are some cases where users need to transfer ownership of a profile to other users. For instance, when a hub or group page is getting set up, producer profiles are often created by the hub or group, on behalf of the producer. This page outlines how, as a profile owner, you can transfer ownership of a profile to someone else.

The first step is to go to the Users section of the profile.

If the new owner has already created an OFN login.

  • You can add the new owner as a manager of the profile by searching for the user in the Manager dropdown field
  • Once they’ve been added as the manager, you can then add them as the Owner

If the new owner hasn’t created a login to OFN yet.

  • Type the new user’s email in the Notifications field.
  • This will trigger an email confirmation to be sent to the email. Once the user confirms their email, they’ll be prompted to create a password to login to OFN. When confirmed, they’ll automatically be made a manager of the enterprise, and be the notification email.
  • You can then make that user the Owner, and remove yourself as a manager if you wish.

*Note: Users require permission to own/manage more than one profile. If you get a message saying that the new owner/manager of a profile has reached their enterprise limit, email us and we’ll grant the user permission to own additional profiles.


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