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Producer profile types

When you first create your profile, you’ll be prompted to select the ‘type’ of profile you want. Your selection here dictates the functionality that your profile will have.

Three producer type options

* Note: The above relates to Australian users only. Local instances may vary.

  1. Producer profile – connect through OFN: This option allows you to create a profile on the OFN. Your profile is a way for you to share your story with others and makes you visible and contactable to customers and other enterprises who may wish to trade with you. A producer with a profile can also add products, which may be stocked in other OFN shopfronts.
  2. Producer Shop- sell your own produce: This option allows producers to create their own OFN shopfront through which to sell their produce. Note that producers can conduct sales through their own shopfront and simultaneously act as a supplier to another shopfront.
  3. Producer Hub- sell produce from self and others:  This option is for producers who wish to sell their own produce, as well and products created by other producers.

You can change your account type at any time in the future. This can be done by clicking the ‘Change package‘ button on the dashboard. Or you can change your producer/non producer status and and profile/shop package by selecting Enterprise on the blue horizontal banner, and then editing your enterprise’s settings (see below).

Change package

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