Contribute to Open Food Network

Open Food Network is entirely driven by people who believe that a new food system is possible, and want to help build it. Our community is open and we welcome your skills, whatever they are.

Open Food Network relies on many people’s skills across a range of projects. 

But no matter what you think you can contribute, please come and join us on Slack and on our community discussion forum. Introduce yourself, and let us know how you can help.

We have created an Open Food Network handbook that explains many of the roles and projects in our community, and how to join in and begin working on them. But often we don’t even know what we’re missing until some enthusiastic person joins the project and brings their expertise and energy to a process or project, so please do join us if you have something to contribute. 

Become a Paid Contributor!

We have an open call for developer and system administrator applications. For more information about becoming a paid contributor with the OFN global team and information on how to apply see our guide on becoming a paid contributor here.


Contribute to our open source software platform

Some of the roles related to our open source software platform include:

  • System administration
  • Software development
  • Testing
  • UX design
  • Product management
  • Pipe co-ordination
  • Documentation

Come and join our project on GitHub and read more about our pipeline development process and our onboarding process.

Contribute to other work

We not only build a software platform, we are also building a community of Open Food Network instances around the world, and providing other tools and resources that help community food enterprises and economies thrive. 

We need people to help run Open Food Network instances around the world. Where there isn’t yet an Open Food Network instance, it takes passionate people to start one! 

We also have many other tasks that we welcome people to contribute to, including customer support, communications and marketing, design, fundraising, and more. 

There are roles to help run many of our sector development programs, including research, incubator and mentoring programs, and more. 

Read more about how to get involved in Open Food Network in our handbook.

What it’s like to contribute

“Getting involved in Open Food Network at both the global level and for my local Australian instance has been incredible. Working alongside a group made up entirely of passionate, skilled people who believe in building a better food system is about as good as it gets! The way we work together energises me; I love that I can bring my own ideas to a global community to create something together.”

Jen Sheridan

Open Food Network Australia

“OFN’s development community is nothing but welcoming. Introduce yourself in their Slack and you’ll be met with smiling faces, encouraging messages, and suggestions of where to start.”

Carleton College Senior Thesis Group

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