Who We Are

The Open Food Network’s global project has contributors from across all of our local instances. The people who work and volunteer for Open Food Network are passionate individuals who believe that we need to – and can! – build a better food system.

Open Food Network has a community of dedicated community members around the world. Some of the key team members making a global contribution include our global facilitators, our software product team, our software developers, and team members working on communicating and documenting our work.

Filipa Ferraz

Filipa Ferraz

community faciliator + fundraising

Filipe Furtdo

Filipe Furtado

QA + analytics

Jen Sheridan

global communication + sector development

Jean-Baptiste Bellet

Jean-Bastiste Bellet


Kirsten Larsen

product + community facilitator

Konrad Sachse

Konrad Sachse


Laurie Wayne

community facilitator

Luis Ramos


Lynne Davis

product + sys admin

Maikel Linke

developer + sys admin

Matt Cummings

developer + sys admin

Myriam Bouré

community facilitator + sector development

Nick Weir

product + community facilitator

Rachel Arnould

train driver + product + tester

Sigmund Petersen

workflow reviewer & curator

Serenity Hill

community facilitator + sector development

Theresa Schumilas

community facilitator + sector development

Previous contributors

Open Food Network wouldn’t exist as it is today without their contributions. Kudos to them!

Danielle Moorhead

community facilitator + train driver

Kristina Lim


Emily Rogers

Open Food Network Australia

Eriol Fox

UX + UI + visual design

Jana Brauch

Jana Brauch


Louise Wright

Louise Wright

user guide + support

Pau Pérez

developer + sys admin + community facilitator

Andy Brett

Andy Brettshall

developer + sys admin

Our amazing global team!

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