Help us to create a new food system that is fairer, more equitable and more sustainable. 

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join the Open Food Network.

It is a real pleasure to work for Open Food Network. Not only is the project strongly aligned with my values, but the team is really attentive, kind and always seeks to find the solution that suits everyone, in a good mood. Join us!

Jean-Baptiste Bellet

Frontend Developer, Open Food Network

Why work with us?

True Flexibility

We were an entirely remote team long before the COVID-19 pandemic and offer true flexibility.

Remote work – most of our jobs can be performed from anywhere in the world.
Flexible work – School drop-offs? Night owl? We let our team choose when they want to work.
Part-time options – About 80% of our team work part-time hours.

Working on your own projects on the side? That’s great, many of our team are too.  



Your work will make a difference

Want to make the world a better place? Creating a new food system has a positive effect on:

🌱  The EnvironmentFood systems account for up to 42% of global greenhouse gases. Want to stop climate change? It starts with fixing our food system.
🍎 Health and wellbeing – Everyone has a right to be able to access fresh, nutritious produce. Our work is helping to make quality produce accessible to all.
🏘 Community development – The communities that form around food have the power to bring people together across socio-economic divides. 


A global community

We’re developing new ways of working in a global community, in a truly open and transparent way.

Global Commons – Everything we create is made available in a global commons that can be used by anyone around the world. 
Meetups – With Open Food Network team members based all over the world, we try to host local and global meetings. 




Currently Open Positions

Click on the links below to find out about available positions:

Developers – Worldwide

We are on the lookout for experienced Ruby on Rails developers to work on our award-winning software platform. 

Senior Full Stack Engineer – Melbourne Australia

We are on the lookout for a full-stack developer to work on the CERES Fair Food Application. For more information click the link below. 

“I joined Open Food Network because it is open source, and is all about sustainability and democratising food and making it more accessible for locals. I’ve stayed because the people are really great, everyone is cooperating and trying to achieve the same goals. It’s not like any other job I’ve ever had. The spirit of help between people here is really special.”

Filipe Furtado

Quality Assurance, Open Food Network Global

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