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About Open Food France

The project germinated in France back in summer 2015, when we organized a first gathering with a handful of people who had contacted the Australian team and wanted to get the project started here.

It took us some months to get started but by early 2016, we released a first beta version of the website and the first food hubs joined the adventure : Micromarché, Panier Rusé, LinkPACA, and Collectif Court Circuit.

On Christmas Eve 2016, we created the association Open Food France to host the project here. In line with the global OFN values, we offer the software as a public infrastructure and organize a democratic governance around it. We garden our local community by connecting people, documenting and sharing all those innovative food hubs models, cooperating with other associations, researchers, and local authorities to duplicate meaningful initiatives.

We are also establishing connexions with other food platforms in France to build cooperation strategies in order to make our local food systems thrive, beyond our platforms. More informations:

We are still officially in beta but will organize a full launch later in the year.

Clic here to see our PechaKucha presentation made in december 2016 in Paris (in French).

Do you think Open Food France could support your local food enterprise to develop and flourish?

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Producer & Open Food Network


Producers grow, make, bake, rear, butcher & ferment.

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Hub plus Open Food Network


Hubs sell the produce of a range of producers, and perhaps their own as well.

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The Open Food France non-profit is supported by Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso and Fondation MACIF