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About OFN Australia

Open Food Network was started in Australia in 2012 by co-founders Kirsten Larsen and Serenity Hill. They knew that healthy food systems need healthy local food enterprises, and these enterprises need software tools to operate smoothly and viably. They had seen food hubs spending too much on proprietary software that couldn’t be shared and couldn’t be adapted. So the idea to create a 100% not profit and open source software tool, specifically designed for local food enterprises was born.

With philanthropic funding, government grants and volunteer input and donations, the OFN has come a long way. Today, Version 1 of OFN is live and Australian local food initiatives are using the OFN in their operations, taking hundreds of orders for local, fair food on the OFN each month. Since the outset international partners have joined the effort and have seeded local instances of the OFN across the globe. The collective power of the global OFN community has made it possible to continue to develop and strengthen the OFN software, and it’s becoming more useful and flexible by the day.

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How does it work?


As a directory…

The OFN’s directory tools make Australia’s fair food movement visible. Producers, food hubs, farmers markets, coops and community food enterprises of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to create a profile on the OFN. Customers can browse profiles on the OFN map and see who’s growing, brewing and trading what around them. They can also browse the producers, shops and groups directories.


As an e-commerce tool…

The OFN has powerful e-commerce tools that specifically cater to the unique needs of community food enterprises. When you create a profile on the OFN, you have the option of setting up an online shop. This gives you your own customisable shopfront and access to the full suite of operational and administrative tools that the OFN offers. To get a better understanding of the OFN’s full functionality, see the feature list and user guide.

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What we do

Open Food Network supporting

Supporting Community Food Enterprises

Beyond helping enterprises to get the most out of the OFN software, we also provide support around the broader challenges of running a local food enterprise. OFN Australia actively supports local food enterprises by providing advice, training and resources. The OFN has a growing wealth of experience in the practical challenges of starting and running local food initiatives, and welcomes the opportunity to connect individuals with contacts and resources which can help them, whatever stage their initiative is at.

We’re creating a space where the Australian fair food movement can connect, share knowledge and help one another.

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A library of resources, for those dreaming of starting a local food initiative and those looking for ways to strengthen their existing one

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Software Development

Australia’s team of developers work with global contributors to bring great ideas for new features into reality.

Participate in global discussions about OFN features and development.

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Explore the OFN open source code on Github.

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Eager to get involved as a developer? We’d love to have you on the team.

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