Open Food Network Scandinavia

Bringing together a network of individuals, communities, farmers, cooperatives and food entrepreneurs to support the fair food movement in Scandinavia.

The OFN Scandinavia team work together with
our global partners to develop the platform together.

We are proud to be contributing to this global commons.
So.. how does it work?

As a directory…

The OFN’s directory tools makes the fair food movement in Scandinavia visible. Producers, food hubs, farmers markets, coops and community food enterprises of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to create a profile on the OFN. Customers can browse profiles on the OFN map and see who’s growing, brewing and trading what around them. They can also browse the producers, shops and groups directories.

As an e-commerce tool…

The OFN has powerful e-commerce tools that specifically cater to the unique needs of community food enterprises. When you create a profile on the OFN, you have the option of setting up an online shop. This gives you your own customisable shopfront and access to the full suite of operational and administrative tools that the OFN offers. To get a better understanding of the OFN’s full functionality, see the feature list and user guide.

Various pilot projects are in development and testing the platform in Norway.

The Norwegian group was the first to need the OFN platform in a language other than english, and were instrumental in enabling other countries to do so with ease.
Take a look at the other languages, and feel free to sign up as a translator!

Ready to create a profile or setup and online shop for your community food enterprise?

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Contact details:

Cynthia Reynolds
co-founder Open Food Network Scandinavia


Facebook: OFN Scandinavia

We are looking for volunteers, translators, reviewers,
digital communicators, content creators, developers
and people who are simply passionate about
co-creating a system that supports fair food!

Do you think the Open Food Network could support your local food enterprise to develop and flourish?

We’d love to work with you!

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