Open Food Network UK

About OFN UK

OFN UK is a collaboration between four established Food Hubs eager to develop a collaborative approach to the development and maintenance of their software.

In 2014 StroudCo Food Hub, Tamar Grow Local, Dean Forest Food Hub and Fife Diet joined forces in the knowledge that there had to be a better way than each of us independently maintaining our own software systems. After some hunting we were introduced to the Open Food Network.

The OFN UK team have been working since then to extend to OFN software, adding the features UK Food Hubs need. Working with the Australian team, we are proud to be contributing to this global commons.

In January 2016 OFN UK secured funding for a national roll out. Since then Food Hubs, Food Banks, Food Co-ops, Independent Shops, Markets and Farmers’ Markets, Farm Shops and a wide range of food and drink producers have been joining us to make an increasingly rich, diverse and effective Open Food Network in the UK.

Do you think the Open Food Network could support your local food enterprise to develop and flourish?

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Producer & Open Food Network


Producers grow, make, bake, rear, butcher & ferment.

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Hub plus Open Food Network


Hubs sell the produce of a range of producers, and perhaps their own as well.

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