It’s Time.

Time to replace the broken American food system with a platform cooperative to sell and distribute sustainable food!

Open Food Network USA is the American node in a global network of non-profit organizations working to turn the food system on its head. With your support, we will put greater control in the hands of sustainable food farmers, purveyors and eaters.

We can use the Open Food Network, an open source platform, to connect, enable, and ignite America’s local, green, healthy and fair food initiatives and eaters. Open Food Network USA contributes to a global food commons that connects such initiatives around the world. Let’s work together to support and empower farmers practicing sustainable and regenerative agriculture and the hubs and communities who support them!



Sell your food to diverse markets. Control your farm’s destiny. Save time and money on overhead. We take the risk out of innovation, enable collaboration, & level the playing field.


Food Hubs

Discover new markets, food suppliers, & connections. Save money, save time, and stay organized with the OFN online platform. We match local models, we support local change.


Food Partners

Local food systems need collaboration, trust and logistics provided by an empowering software. We’re non-profit, open source & ready to partner with your local the food movement.

Open Food Network USA Needs You!

Work with us to ensure OFN USA meets the needs of US farmers, producers, and hubs.

We want to make sure OFN USA has the features your local food network needs to thrive.  We’re looking for producers and hubs to test drive our fully operational platform and help us prepare for the US Open Food Network grand opening. You can set up an account and see how it works for yourself or contact for more more information.

The Revolution Will Be Organized!

Find out the latest updates on Open Food Network USA, or get involved at the next planning meeting by signing up for our farm fresh updates.