Shared learning

Food enterprises and COVID-19

COVID-19 is already impacting our food supply chains; shoppers and buyers are shifting online. How can we be sure that community food businesses can continue to provide good food for people? How can we best support our communities, particularly vulnerable members, while people self-isolate? How can we make sure that all people have access to nutritious food?

As we all try to find the best ways to keep our food systems running during COVID-19, there’s a lot we can learn from each other. If you are trying new things or have practice to share, or you’re freaking out and need to hear how other people are doing things, remember you are not alone and we are all stronger together.

Sharing practice – we’re stronger together

Our Open Food Network instances around the world are finding ways to share information and tips about how to respond to COVID-19. Here are some key links:

Open Food Network Australia forum thread

Open Food Network UK forum thread

Global webinar 18th March 2020 – slides, recording and notes

Open Food Network UK webinar 18th March 2020 – slides, recording and notes




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