Citizens’ reappropriation of their food systems: a logic of urban commons

 The purpose of this research note is to understand the notion of Commons in terms of the re-appropriation by citizens of the systems of production and distribution of food. In this reflection we will question the role of digital tools, and above all, the key place of governance in the construction of these Commons. This note is the fruit of my reflection as a committed practitioner, as co-founder of Open Food France, an association bringing to France the Common Open Food Network, open source software serving local food hubs; but also as OuiShare Connector, think & do tank working on the collaborative economy.

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Myriam Bouré, « Réappropriation des systèmes alimentaires par les citoyens : une logique de Communs urbains », Netcom, 31-1/2 | 2017, 175-192.


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