Open Food Network on social economies with Urgenci

May 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

Open Food Network recently participated in Urgenci’s ‘The Social Economy, the Future of Europe’ conference  in Strasbourg. The underlying theme was to gather input from various actors for the upcoming European Green Deal. 

Given that some of the most important aspects that social movements wanted but failed to have included in the Farm to Fork policy document have been weakened and even totally removed in spite of the excellent collective work of the Food Policy Coalition F2F working group, it seemed timely to include a workshop on how Social and Solidarity Economy can contribute to the Green Deal, and thus try to use this as an entry to advocate for our collective asks as social movements.

The workshop took the form of round tables. The first part was based on the grassroots members of the food system: Community Supported Agriculture, producer-consumer cooperative shops, and Open Food Network.

Read more and view a recording of the session on Urgenci’s website.

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